WannaHelp is a hyperlocal connecting app that helps people to connect with each other by allowing them to broadcast their request/ offering services and resources. Find and build your connections through the people you already know. It aims to give everyone the power to discover local happenings within the defined radius and to share trade advice in clubs.

29 Dec 2016

Beta Launched


We want to make this hyperlocal connecting app available to as many people as possible, To enable them to be more productive, successful and helpful.

People search for someone or something to help them to solve their problems. Someone looking to lose weight doesn’t search for a weight loss machine. They search for someone or something to help them lose weight. They want a solution to their weight problem. Instead of “selling” turning into “helping” That’s right – selling brings you sales today, but being helpful creates humanity for life.   As great saying  “Every act of compassion makes a difference!” let’s create a better world by helping each other and adding value to people’s lives.