WannaHelp is a hyperlocal social messaging app where users can easily help or ask for any kind of help. This App lets users to discover generous posts on LocalVocal to get active and updated with relevant up-to-minute local happenings around them.

You can chat freely and make new friends locally, help one another, appraise, know how you are connected, post and share on LocalVocals, give Pat, write comments, and earn points from you activities which can be redeemed.

It goes without saying, a helping act is valuable in itself spreading happiness. It creates a positive impact benefiting both the giver and the receiver. In WannaHelp, every helpful act is rewarded with pats, appraises, and remarkable comments with badges building up your good reputation. The most important reward is earned “Points” which you can redeem!!!

WannaHelp is currently available on all devices for Apple and Android. We have plans to include it on Windows and Blackberry soon.

No, you cannot share anything with anyone who have not installed WannaHelp. Please invite your friends to download WannaHelp and help them to earn points using your referral code.

There are three types of membership: Basic, Premium, and Platinum.

Yes, the basic version of WannaHelp is free.

Basic & Premium users have limited access to the all WannaHelp features while Platinum users have unlimited access to all of the WannaHelp features.

Currently, WannaHelp is available only in English. We will notify you when other languages are introduced.

Download WannaHelp app, and sign in by entering your mobile number. Confirm and wait for OTP verification. Upon successful process completion, your WannaHelp account is opened.
You can share our link (WannaHelp) on any social networking and messaging apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) OR invite your friends to download WannaHelp through your "Refer a Friend" feature.

Yes, you can invite your friends to use your referral code. By doing this, you are not only helping them to earn WannaHelp points, but even you may earn points!

It is not compulsory, but you can earn points by completing it and adding value to your account while others view your profile.

We respect and safeguard your privacy. You have a display option of “Hide” to hide information from the public view. Same goes for GPS location.

You should freeze your WannaHelp account immediately and inform us. Then, you can activate your account using the new mobile.

You can delete your account through the "settings" option. Please refer privacy policy and terms of service.

Yes, you can do both through settings.

WannaHelp takes safety measures to prevent any illegal activity, but in case if you suspect something, please notify us immediately at support@wannahelp.com. Please read the “Security” article which explains in detail all you need to know to keep your account safe.

No, you can chat with other users anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can chat or send information anonymously in WannaHelp.

Yes, you can block a user by enabling the "Block" button.

Yes, you will receive messages from the blocked contact in a common group. Likewise, they will also receive messages sent by you to the group.

No, only the admin of the group can add a participant to the group.

Yes, you will have only 1 admin per group. In case, if the admin leaves the group, a new admin should be assigned.

Select the type of help you are interested in and type out a message based on your “category and interest.” You can describe in detail to be more specific. Select the radius of your location and post the message. Users located within your radius will respond if they can help you out. The same goes for people eager to help others.

No, there are no limitations. It is based on the radius and user settings.

Yes, you can switch it off and on. Note that when you switch it off, you will not receive any notification when others "change" their broadcast message.

You can know the mutual connections (friends of friends) up to a level of 3.

We select only Ads which benefits everyone. We take care to not send spam or other illegal type of Ads.

Your post may be blocked or marked as spam. Please send us a request with the information details, and we will check for spam and get back to you.

The posts will remain as long as the users keep them. We won’t remove any post unless if some users report a particular post as spam and if we also come to the same conclusion.

Yes, there is a limit of 1 video per post.

No, you can join as many clubs as you want.

Please send us a request to create a club of your choice through the option on the club screen. Invite your friends, you like, to join the Club. We will check and approve the same. We may or may not guarantee the club request as it depends on the club, invitees and the management approval.

LocalVocal Clubs and Posts are almost similar to each other with only a few differences. In Clubs, you have freedom to select the location and radius unlike Posts. Clubs are more topic-specific than Posts.

You can join a Club by subscribing and paying through in-app purchased points.

Yes, you can post information by giving a title and description.

Just click on the club of your choice, you will find information regarding the number of Club members, posts, points to join, and months of Club validity.

You can score “Pats” through posts, chat and comments on posts.

You can earn more points by updating your profile the first time, sharing posts the first time, downloading third party applications, view videos, view ads, updating your profile, binding with Facebook or Twitter, and daily bonus.

You can use them by spending them to join clubs, chat with new users, utilize coupons, and upgrade to Premium/Platinum.

You get appraised based on your positive actions through helping people, LocalVocal posts, and Broadcast messages. 48.

Number of appraise badges increases the rating of the user.

One of the main reason is that Advertisers want to reach out to people who have visited their website based on customer information. Another reason is they want to target people based on the location - geo-targeted advertising.

Click on the sponsor link or Adverts link on our website www.wannahelp.com and follow the instructions for posting the Ad.

Your Ad must be in the review process or may have been rejected. Please contact us with the information.

All adverts details and reports will be displayed in your Adverts account dashboard.

Once Ads are approved, they are published. You may or may not receive confirmation. If you need confirmation, please contact us with the information.

If your Ad has not been published due to WH Technical error, you can contact us at support@wannahelp.com

Quit WannaHelp and restart your mobile. Check your internet connection. Uninstall and reinstall WannaHelp. If it is still not working, contact us support@wannahelp.com

We cannot guarantee you anything, but we will try to restore your chat log. Send us a request at support@wannahelp.com with the details.

You can use points which can be redeemed to upgrade our services (Premium & Platinum). Please check our website for more details.

You can give us the details by contacting us at support@wannahelp.com, and we will take care of it.

Do not worry! WannaHelp helps WannaHelpers. Just let us know if you are facing any issues through your spam report or complaint to support@wannahelp.com with the details

Don’t worry, it should be working fine. If it is not working, contact us at support@wannahelp.com with the details