Select a “Category” of your choice and save & update. Repeat the same step in “Interest.”

Select “I WannaHelp” tab if you need help from others or “I WannaHelp You” tab if you want to help others.  Your selected choice gets highlighted in green with a yellow-colored  “Yes!!!” hand icon.

Choose the app’s broadcast suggestions or create your own suggestions (“Keywords” will make it easier).

Select the radius of your location which ranges from 100 m to 20 km.

In case of an emergency, check off the red-colored box on the right side.

To be more specific, describe your message in detail for better clarity and results.


Note: “I WannaHelp” indicates “I need help” while “I Wannahelp You” indicates “I want to help.” 

Find & Chat with New People Locally

In Find “Map View” or “List View” you can quickly view the key profile details of WannaHelpers, such as name, gender, number of pats & appraises received, etc.

You can chat freely with new people and also with your contacts as well you can create your groups of upto 1000 members. You can also share photos, images or attach items on Chat and Pat them for their help/ advice/ chat 🙂

One unique feature which is only available while messaging is the “Edit” feature. Here you have the option of editing sent messages within a period of 5 minutes. It means you can edit the messages after you have hit the “Send” button


Once you receive an authentication message, you are prompted to create your account profile.

You are to fill in the key profile details such as your account type, name, occupation, gender, location, phone number, and email. This information should be correct.

You can post your profile picture which you can upload from camera or gallery.

Once the details are verified, you are free to use WannaHelp. You can change your profile name or picture whenever you wish. You can also “hide” certain details like location, phone number, etc. You can also hide your “Last Seen Status” from others.

All your mobile contacts are synced with WannaHelp. You can send invites to the unregistered contacts. Your permission is required for sharing of registered contacts.

Connections are available up to the third-level connections (first level, second level and third level). People directly connected to you are called first-level connections. People indirectly connected to you through the first-level connections are called second-level connections. People who are connected to you through second-level connections are called third-level connections.

Local Vocal


In “LocalVocal Posts” you can post and share local updates, sponsored ads/posts, videos, etc. You can write up-to-date event listings as well as interact strengthening your social connections.


How to post a LocalVocal Post?

  1. Add a title and give a description of the post below it.
  2. Select the radius of the location.
  3. Capture the video through the “video” button
  4. Capture a photo or pick the photo from the gallery
  5. You can also add frames to the photos


You can like a post and give a “Pat” to the user. You can also select a post and comment on it. You can follow the posts and receive post notifications.


Clubs & Offers

Another unique feature of our app is the “LocalVocal Clubs.” There are a wide range of categories in Clubs. You can join and become a member of your favorite club. You can engage interactively with the members of your club and be up to date with the latest news of your club.

 Each club has a membership fee and validity.

There are no limitations for the number of clubs one can join.

 You can also enjoy the club benefits like coupons, discount offers, etc.

Redeem & e-Vouchers

The “Rewards” are available in the form of Pats which are redeemable.  A thousand Pats equals ten thousand Points. You can redeem your earnings whenever you wish!

You can earn your rewards by doing a few activities you enjoy!

You can earn by:

  • Inviting your friends, family, or other contacts.
  • Daily bonus.
  • Downloading the app.
  • Viewing advertisements.
  • Playing video.
  • Completing personal profile.
  • Verifying email information.
  • Binding Facebook.
  • Binding Twitter.

You can appraise a good WannaHelper by rating their good actions with badges. The badges are rated on a scale of 0 to 5 with 5 implying excellent and 1 implying poor.

You can also redeem coupons and e-Vouchers!