Metafy Welcomes You

Everything you need to know

How to Begin?

Join Metafy

Metafy welcomes you. Signing Up is the first step to get things started at the site. Users at Metafy can sign up as an individual or a company by filling a simple registration form. You can also log in with your social log-in credentials.


Anyone above the age of 18 is free to join. Irrespective of your citizenship and gender, everyone is welcome at Metafy.

Create your profile
  • Create your Profile- Enter your full name, email ID, phone number, country, city, timezone, your main conversational language, cover photo, headline and a description about yourself which would define you the best.
  • The Headline is your title. Fill in the title which suits you the best.
  • The Description is where you put details like your skills, interests and certifications which would help the right people find you. You’re good to go!
Edit your profile
  • Go to ‘Edit Profile’ below your profile picture and make the required changes
  • Update your profile and click “Save Changes” below.
Add Profile and Cover Photo
  • Go to ‘Edit Profile’
  • Click ‘Choose File’ under ‘Profile Photo’ and the same under ‘Cover Photo’.
  • Choose a photo or a file from your device, or rather click one. Crop and adjust it according to your needs. The profile photo must be displaying your face completely and properly. Click “Save Changes” below after you’re done.
Profile Review

Your profile review gives a proper description about you. A short description about yourself, mostly showcasing skills, certifications and skills, would be good. However, keep it to no more than 300 characters.

Create Package Proposal

Create a package proposal that talks about about your general payment. However, your package proposal can always be changed (made higher/lower) as you can always negotiate with people according to your desires.

Creating Package Proposals

You can change your package proposals as many times as suits you.

  • Scroll below your profile and among the many featured proposals/services, choose any you desire.
  • Click on ‘Proposal Details’ written below on the profile
  • You’d be asked to choose your order among “Basic” (1 revision for $5),, “Standard” (2 revisions for $10) and “Advance” (3 revisions for $15).
  • Click ‘Order Now’ and you’d be redirected to pay.
Education and Experience
  • Go to your Profile
  • Go to ‘Description’ section and type in your education qualifications and degree and click “Save”. For experience, enter your experiences and skills in your field and whether you’re a Beginner, an Intermediate or an Expert in your arena.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’ below when you’re done. Your profile will be displayed accordingly in search when people search those categories.
Metafy’s Help Bot

Our Help Bot answers in a jiffy on common queries you, as users, might have. Our chatbot is the first place to go in case of any issue.

  • Go to the Help Center.
  • Select “Chatbot" at the bottom of your screen.
  • Type in a question and press "Send". The bot would readily answer your queries.
Customer Support Team

All the same, however, you can speak to our customer support team whenever you need to, at any hour.

  • Go to the Help Center.
  • Select “Contact Us” and proceed
Contact Us

In case of any problem not mentioned in the bot/provided by the customer support team, mail us and we’d get back to you as soon as possible.

Privacy and Security - Password

Remember to always keep your password information private. Our Customer Support Team will never ask for your password

Set up a security question to amplify your security. You will be asked this question when making certain changes to your account.

Updating your password
  • Go to the homepage
  • On the top right would be your profile with your username. Click the username and you’d be a shown a pop-up box with a variety of options
  • Go to Settings> Account Settings
  • Scroll down to ‘Change Password’
  • Enter your old password, type in a new password and confirm the new password
  • Click ‘Change Password’ in the blue box below and you’re done.
Account Deactivation

When you deactivate your account, your profile and services won't be shown on Gigtodo and all your open orders will be canceled and refunded. You will not be able to reactivate your proposals and services and you will not be able to recover your account later.

  • Go to Settings> Account Settings
  • Scroll down to ‘Account Deactivation’
  • Choose a reason as to why you are leaving and click ‘Deactivate Account’
Payment and Billing

Metafy offers numerous payment methods.However, these may depend on the device being used and the country from which the device is being used. Following are the options available for payment

Credit/Debit Card

Any popular credit/debit card can be used for payments at Metafy.

Google Pay

You can also make purchases through Google Pay. However, even GooglePay is not available in some countries.


PayPal may be used, too. However, it may not be available in all countries.

Wire Transfer

Electronic payment services like the Clearing House Interbank Payments System, SWIFT, the Federal Reserve Wire Network are allowed for transferring money by wire.

Canceling and Refund

Upon canceling an order, the money will be credited to your Metafy Balance. Refunds might take different amounts of time, depending on your payment method. The credited refunds would appear on your Metafy account, just next to your profile.


Refunds for PayPal are usually completed within 24hours of our Customer Support Team processing it.

Credit card

Refunds for credit cards take slightly longer due to the processing time taken by the card issuer. The refunds in this case are completed within 1-2 weeks after being processed by our Customer Support Team.

Refunds to the original account

Refunds at Metafy can only be credited to the original payment source used for the payment.